Lisa B. Creef, LCSW, LCAS
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

DWI and DUI Assessments and Groups
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services


When you attend you DWI/DUI assessment you will need to bring the following documents/fees:
 1.  A copy of your ticket 
 2   A copy of your breathalyser (BAC)
 3.  A copy of your driving record (you can get this online at  )   
4.  $100.00 cash
     Once you have completed your assessment, you will be required to attend either education or treatment hours.  You MUST start these hours within 6 months of the date you got your assessment to avoid having to redo your assessment and pay for it all over again.  Treatment hours can be completed through Lisa Creef, LCSW, LCAS.  Hours are flexible and tailored to your needs. The fees for services are very reasonable.  Most insurances can be billed as well.   
     If you live outside of North Carolina but received your DUI/DWI in NC please call us so we can help you resolve those issues. 
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